CIPD Conference London Olympia

Posted 10th June, 2015

The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) is a professional association for human resources professionals.  CIPD train individuals working within the HR and many other sectors on how to promote best practices within their company while upholding current laws and legislations. (for more information)

Our HR Manager was invited to attend the CIPD conference in London Olympia in May this year.



HR Diary

“London was hot and very busy, and I was really glad that I had taken time the night before to get to grips with the tube timetable.  I will won’t be complaining in a hurry about Wolverhampton rush hour traffic not after being squished like a sardine on a busy London tube.  It really doesn’t help that because I am short I fit perfectly underneath someone’s armpit as they hang on for dear life – the tube moves fast and stops fast hanging on is must!

I loved taking in the architecture of the buildings in London a real mix of old and new and the exhibition centre was lovely.  The CIPD staff were very welcoming and much to my relief the venue was fully air conditioned.  The focus of the exhibition was on finding effective ways of providing staff with the comprehensive training.  Online training definitely seems to be the way forward as businesses are encouraged to cut down their ‘carbon footprint’ more and more.  The difficulty of course is making online systems accessible  and inclusive of all staff which is something as a company we are currently working on.

The exhibition definitely lit a few ‘brain fires’ everyone will just have to watch this space…..”