The Car Wash

Posted 10th June, 2015

Here at Empowering U we know our service users are incredible and it’s our aim to promote the independence of all who we care for, so when one of our Service Users come up with an idea it’s important to us that we support them in making that idea become reality.  And this was certainly  the case when our lovely Pete decided he wanted to set up his own Car Wash.   With the help of his care team Peter created the price lists, got his buckets and sponges ready, sectioned off the Empowering U Car park and set to work.

From morning till evening he worked incredibly hard working through the lists of staff who had booked into Pete’s Car Wash, his enthusiasm and hard work was contagious as some of the other service users came out to help.  It was such a success that Pete’s car wash will be running every Friday weather permitting from the Empowering U Car wash so why not come along have a cup of tea and get your car washed!!!!!