Learning life skills is something we take seriously at Empowering U. Our aim is to help our services users live as independently as possible. We help do this by running various workshops.

Personal Safety

We hold personal safety workshops with attendance from Police Officers and Fire Fighters. They deliver speeches on keeping yourself safe in the community and at home. The service users also have the chance to attend local fire stations and see real life scenarios. The best part of the visit is when everyone gets a chance to sit in the fire truck and have a go at using the fire hoses.

These workshops help to impact the way our services users view their own and others safety especially when in the community and at home.

Home Skills

This workshop covers everything from brushing your teeth to putting the washing on the line. This is an in-depth workshop with hundreds of scenarios and outcomes. All outcomes are analysed and repeated when and if necessary.

Cooking Skills

Cooking classes are held at our Wolverhampton Office at Bramerton House. Teaching the service users how to be kitchen safe and use the correct preparation methods for food. The service users also use this time to prepare food for the homeless kitchen we run in Wolverhampton.


From using a screw driver to building wardrobe this workshop has it covered. All DIY tasks are monitored and risk assessed with the highest care. Allowing our services users to develop a whole range of new skills.

Garden Maintenance

We have some keen gardeners at Empowering U and they benefit from the beautiful garden at our Wolverhampton Offices Bramerton House. The garden features a sensory area and vegetable patch all created by our service users.
The service users help maintain the garden as well and pick and prepare the vegetables.

Bike Maintenance & Go Karting

The bike maintenance and go karting workshops are through enjoyed by those who have this interest. The services users have the opportunity to strip down and re-build bikes. Biking is not only environmentally friendly but a great form of exercise so it gets a big thumbs up from us.

Our service users also have the opportunity to build Go – Karts from materials they source from recycling for the derby day.

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