What does Empowering U offer?

At Empowering you we don’t want to focus on what you can’t do, we want to focus on the life you want to live and it’s our role to support you in making that happen. We believe there are no restrictions on what you can do or achieve.

Empowering U offer person centred community support packages which assist people to live independently by using practical and effective methods of care planning.

We know how important it is to belong within the community and we fully embrace the vision of social inclusion.

We recognise that you are an ‘individual’ who has the right to be heard and respected. Taking into consideration the history, needs, aspirations, beliefs and wishes of our clients helps to create person-centred support plans which capture the ‘how’ and ‘when’ care needs to be delivered.

We offer one to one support and all clients are assigned ‘key workers’ who ensure that your needs and rights are upheld at all times. Knowing there is always a safe, trustworthy team behind them means our clients feel empowered to communicate with us easily and freely.

Empowering U continue to work hard to develop and implement inclusive strategies which enable all of our customers to communicate their needs. We have strong multiagency and family partnerships to ensure that your care package is personalised and holistic.

If you would like to know more about how Empowering U can help transform your care choices then please click on the Contact Us page for a friendly informal chat.

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