Nurse-led Care Case Study

Names have been anonymised


*Lucy is a 15-year-old girl who has cerebral palsy, epilepsy and microcephaly. She also has developmental delay. Lucy has optic nerve atrophy; she is registered blind. She lives at home with Mum, Dad and Grandma. She requires support during the night by one complex care assistant to meet her needs.


Administration of PEG feed, oral & nasal suctioning, pressure area care, personal care, monitoring of oxygen level, nebulisers and safeguarding.

Meeting Lucy’s needs

Empowering U was asked to care for Lucy following a prolonged stay in hospital. Our branch children’s nurse completed a full assessment of Lucy’s needs, working alongside her parents, the CCG and local authority. Following the initial assessment, a detailed care plan was written allowing the family and carers to meet all her needs. Lucy’s parents feel supported in meeting her needs, involved with her care and know they can get the support they need from Empowering U.

The Care Team

Carers who had complex care experience were placed in the care package following comprehensive training. All carers were introduced to the family before the care package commenced. The carers are familiar with Lucy’s needs and know how to respond to all situations, seeking out supervision from the children’s nurse and attending ongoing training as required.

The Outcome

Empowering U was able to support a safe discharge from the hospital. Lucy’s family feel that they are supported in meeting her needs. Her parents are able to get sleep during the night, which allows them to be focused on meeting her needs during the day.

Working in Partnership with Professionals

Lucy is currently known to the following Services and Professionals:

• Community Services
• Occupational Therapy
• Physiotherapy
• Paediatric Orthopedic Surgeon
• Respiratory Physician
• Paediatric Surgeon
• Speech and Language Therapy
• Paediatric Dietician
• Disabled Children’s Social Work Team

Empowering U successfully worked with all of these agencies to meet Lucy’s needs and facilitate a safe transition from hospital to care within her home.

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