Why choose Empowering U Case Management

Our approach to Case Management is purely centred around the individual, we listen to them and make sure they are part of every conversation and every decision. Our relationship with the client starts before a Case Manager is even assigned, and we work together to agree who is the most appropriate fit for them.

Following a free meet and greet with their chosen Case Manager, we start the rehabilitation process together, all whilst keeping cost in mind. 

Our Case Management Services 

We support both the claimant and defendant parties throughout the litigation process, becoming the trusted partners for Personal Injury Solicitors, Financial Deputies and health professionals throughout the UK.  

We are a member of BABICM and our Case Managers, who are registered with their own individual professional bodies, also work to the code of conduct specified by BABICM and CMSUK, as well as following the 2015 Rehabilitation Code.

To keep the client’s needs at the forefront, our Case Management Team are selected to work with a client based on their location and skill set. We offer a free, no-obligation “meet and greet” with the client to ensure that they are happy with their selected Case Manager.  

Following this meeting, we start on the rehabilitation journey together. 

Our case management services include: 

  • Planning, implementing and monitoring a package of care for the client
  • Seeking appropriate residential placements if necessary 
  • Working with health and social care services to ensure the client’s needs are being met 
  • Working with statutory and private therapy services to promote the client’s rehabilitation and well-being 
  • Instructing and monitoring independent professionals such as therapists or psychologists to build upon any statutory therapy provision 
  • Researching work or leisure activities that would help a client’s rehabilitation 
  • Working with architects, builders and therapists to ensure that the client’s property allows them to be independent as well meeting their care and rehabilitation needs
  • Making sure that the client has the equipment to enable them to independent, comfortable and safe in their home and out and about
  • Potentially sourcing a wheelchair-accessible vehicle if necessary 
  • Working with the client and their family to ensure the client can participate in activities such as holidays 
  • Closely liaising with the client’s solicitor/deputy
  • Keeping them up to date and making recommendations on the costs required 

Our Values 

At Empowering U, we pride ourselves on our core values. They guide everything we do, from how we work with our clients, to how our business operates internally. 

E – Equality Every individual is treated equally. Everybody should be given equal choices and chances. 

U – Unity We work in unity both as a team and with our clients to reach our goal of providing the best possible service and enable the client to meet their rehabilitation goals. 

C – Compassion We understand an individual’s feelings and take steps as a team to find and implement the best ways to manage them. 

M – Maximise Independence We work collaboratively with everyone involved in the clients care to set person-centred measurable goals as part of the clients’ rehabilitation. We build resilience and confidence, as well as supporting positive risk-taking. We support our clients to optimise recovery and take control of their lives.