Behaviours that Challenge Case Study


21-year-old Katie* had a history of alcohol and substance misuse and had been moved from placement to placement. Katie had frequent violent outbursts and incident reports were daily. She refused to take her prescribed medicine for several months and required 24-hour support 7 days a week.

Katie’s Needs

– Autism Spectrum Disorder
– Attention Deficit Disorder
– Attachment Disorder
– Oppositional Defiant Disorder
– Learning Difficulties
– Behaviours that Challenge

How Empowering U Meet Katie’s Needs

Katie was placed with Empowering U in 2015 following placement breakdowns with three other providers. By allocating a specific care manager as her “go to” person and through weekly management meetings, Katie was introduced to routines and positive community engagement. A robust risk assessment with a management plan was put in place for re-enablement and completion of learning outcomes.

The Care Team

The key to the support was the patience and perseverance of our staff, taking every setback in our stride and moving forward with the positive behaviours. Our staff listened to what Katie needed and adapted the support to reflect as such.

The Outcome

Today, Katie is significantly more independent requiring less support hours each week. By making better choices about whom she spends her time with, she has made numerous friendship groups. Katie has been involved in work placements which has improved her maths. This has greatly helped her keep up to date with her bills. There have been much fewer behavioural incidents to date.

Katie has a settled relationship, she is relaxed and enjoying her life.


*names have been anonymised

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