Nursing Care Case Study


23-year-old *Clive has severe Cerebral Palsy and Epilepsy. He lives at home with his Grandmother (*Linda), his sister and his niece. He requires 24/7 support from 2 carers. Clive’s carers support his needs. Linda is able to maintain family life with the support of carers.


Administration of PEG feed and PEG medication, nebulisers, oral suctioning, pressure area care, personal care and companionship.

Meeting Clive’s needs

Empowering U was recommended to Linda who was delighted by our timely response and prompt communication. Our Branch Nurse understood Clive’s health conditions, carried out the initial assessment and wrote a detailed care plan for the care team to follow. This was done in combination with Linda so all Clive’s needs were met and personal preferences were included. Empowering U selected experienced carers who were complex care and epilepsy trained. Linda was impressed that there was a review after 6 weeks, weekly follow ups and visits from the Branch Nurse. She also appreciates visits from the office who are communicative and responsive, she gets to meet the team who deal with rotas and co-coordinating his package face-to-face. She was also pleased with Clive’s continuity of care – Empowering U don’t use agency staff which she has experienced with care providers previously.

The Care Team

There is a core team of main carers who have worked with Clive for many years. Linda says nothing is ever too much trouble for them, they do his washing, cleaning, attend appointments, liaise with the GP and accompany him when he is in hospital. The carers are familiar with Clive’s needs and know how to respond to all situations, seeking out supervision from the Branch Nurse and attending ongoing training as required.

The Outcome

Clive is comfortable and well looked after. His physical care needs are met and also has mental stimulation and activities to maintain his psychological well-being, these include water play in the bath, singing or being read to and going to the local farm park or shopping round town. Linda is able to focus on other members of her family who need her and is able to take breaks away from home and go to her caravan knowing Clive is in safe hands.

Working in Partnership with the NHS

Clive has many other members of the multidisciplinary team which Empowering U work with including the Occupational Therapist, nutrition service and continuing health care who assessed Clive’s needs.


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