What is a Personal Budget?

A personal budget is an agreed amount of money which is given to you by the local council after an assessment has been made on your care and support needs.

A personal budget gives you control of the money that pays for your care giving you responsibility of this money assists you live a more independent life. You are in control of way who provides your support and how they provide it.

Traditionally the local authority or brokerage uses the money allocated to you to pay for your care. If you have a Personal Budget, you are responsible to pay for the cost of the care with the money allocated to you.

Under the Care Act every individual is legally entitled to a Personal Budget if they are assessed as meeting the regulations stated within the Care Act.
For more information on Personal Budgets you can contact your local authority.

How can we help?

At Empowering U, we empower all our clients to take control of their lives and at Empowering U we believe that our clients should be fully involved in the creation of their Personal Support Plan. We want you to succeed and this will only happen if you feel confident, happy and in control of the care that you are being given.

Empowering U have good experience of working with clients who have made full use of their Personal Budgets. We can help direct you to the right sources of advice and information is you are struggling to understand or manage your Personal Budget.

We work closely with our clients, families and representatives in ensuring that the needs and wishes are respected and heard. If you would like more information on the services, we have to offer and on creating your own Personal Care Plan than please go to our Contact Uspage.

Direct Payments

Direct payments is a scheme which allows people to take greater control and choice over their lives by allowing them to make decisions about how and by whom their care is delivered.

Individuals are given the money directly to buy the care services they need.

Direct payments are given to individuals who have been assessed and meet the
requirements of their Local Council.

For more information on direct payments please contact your local council.
For more information on buying our services please click on the Contact Us link,

Private Care

For individuals who are not eligible to have their care funded by the Local Authority they can choose to purchase care privately.

Empowering U offer a competitive price rate and can tailor packages to suit your individual requirements.

If you would like a confidential, informal chat about your current requirements please get in touch.

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