One of the things that make us different here at Empowering U is what we do!

We know it’s good to have fun and get creative but a key part in life is work. What does it mean to work?

“To be engaged in an activity in order to achieve a result”

Yes, at Empowering U we firmly believe that working on a regular basis helps build confidence, abilities and leads to achieving goals as a result of the valuable life skills developed.

Working gives us a place of belonging and purpose, and both of these essential to social inclusion and dignity.

We also understand that everyone is different and that’s why we offer work opportunities to suit all levels and abilities.

Examples of the work you may do:

• Building Furniture
• Up-Cycling
• Preparing and packing items for sale
• Marketing
• Administration
• Catering
• Health & Beauty

There is a wealth of skills not yet embraced by the work place and we aim to capture these skills.

The right type of work helps to reduce stress, meet new people, make friends, promote your mental and physical wellbeing. Working within the right environment can also aid in reducing feeling of loneliness and isolation.


Empowering U work closely with organisations and community projects. Working with and for the local community ensures that our services see the genuine difference that their efforts make and helps them develop pride in themselves and the wonderful work they are doing.

“The only way to do great work is love what you do”
-Steve Jobs

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