Specialist Provider for Complex Care

Empowering U believe those who require care and support should receive the highest quality at all times.

The tree of life represents what Empowering U wants for all our service users, it’s not just enough to make do, we want our clients to live their life to the fullest.

Empowering U are specialists in providing person-centred care across a range of social and health needs.

Empowering U has the vision to provide a working environment to build confidence, improve communication skills and a sense of value.

Our unique and innovative approach to care services enables us to provide the highest quality of care which helps people enjoy a full and diverse quality of life.

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Our Locations

Empowering U
(West Midlands)

Bellamy House, Wilkes Street
WV13 2BS

01902 290 600

Empowering U
(Shropshire & Staffordshire)

3.12 Grosvenor House, Central Park

01952 980 800

Empowering U
(East Midlands & Lincolnshire)

19 St. Cristopher’s Way, Pride Park
DE24 8JY

01332 985 600