Empowering U Director and Head of Services, Nicola Protheroe-Jones, has been re-appointed as a Governor of Black Country NHS Foundation Trust. Nicola has already completed a 3-year stint in the role, and this further 3-year tenure is a testament to the positive impact that she has had.

Nicola brings to the role over 30 years’ nursing experience, as well as the expertise and experience gained as a Director of Empowering U.

“As a Governor, I’m involved in a multitude of activities as part of my role. Whilst attendance at Board Meetings is a key part of it, I’m also involved in monitoring aspects of patient care, which includes spot checks on wards and monitoring processes to ensure positive patient progress and outcomes” explains Nicola.

“It’s important that I adopt a hands-on approach to the role, which can (if required) involve challenging and holding to account Trust executives.”

Most recently, Nicola met with Amanda Pritchard, Chief Executive and Tom Cahill, National Director for Learning Disability and Autism at NHS England to discuss the unique work done by Empowering U’s emergency response team which handles crisis situations involving patients with learning disabilities and autism, thereby reducing hospital admissions. This programme is unique in the UK, and 4 other UK Trusts are keen to learn more from Nicola about this service and how they can adopt a similar approach.