Wednesday 17th January 2024 played host to the Brain Injury Group Cerebral Palsy Conference 2024. This event brought together speakers and experts involved in the care of individuals with Cerebral Palsy. Jennifer Mitchell BA (Hons), CMgr MCMI (Head of Business Operations) and Chris Dindar (Case Manager) provide a reflection on the day. 

What is the Cerebral Palsy Conference 2024? 

Hosted at the National Space Centre, Leicester, the Brain Injury Group (BIG) Cerebral Palsy Conference 2024 had a programme featuring 8 expert speakers with the headline sponsor being France+Associates. The conference offered valuable insights into the issues faced during the care of those with cerebral palsy, considerations when assessing and arranging accommodation, supporting those with cerebral palsy through their education, and legal updates in cerebral palsy cases. 

Reflecting on the day

The National Space Centre proved to be an excellent location for this conference. Leicester’s central location in Great Britain made it accessible for a wide range of attendees and the facilities at the centre were excellent, with the Thor Able and Blue Streak rockets providing the backdrop to lunch. This fantastic conference was brought together by Julie McCarthy (Brain Injury Group Training and Membership Manager), who did an exceptional job of organising it. 

“Even though my role is ‘behind the scenes’ and I am not a clinician, I feel it is crucial for personnel operating behind the scenes to attend these kinds of conferences.” mentions Jennifer Mitchell.  

“Through this, we can obtain a better understanding of what our clients and their families are experiencing. Moreover, obtaining knowledge about various complex injuries and their management strengthens our grasp of why we do what we do.” 

In total, there were eight seminars throughout the day from: 

“All the talks during the conference were extremely informative and insightful. In particular, the legal update on cerebral palsy cases presented by Richard Baker KC was profoundly enlightening. The exposure to such case studies amplifies our understanding of perhaps overlooked aspects of our work. A case study involving a defendant’s expert, presented by Richard, left me taken aback regarding the case study and the involvement of the defendants’ expert.” continues Jennifer Mitchell. 

We thank BIG for providing these crucial training days and the significance they play in the care of those with cerebral palsy. We cannot wait to attend more!