Empowering U to Feature on ITV for a New Documentary Highlighting Hospital Admission Avoidance Strategies

ITV News is set to air a compelling documentary tonight featuring an interview with Andrea, one of Empowering U’s care managers. The piece will shed light on the vital issue of learning disabilities and hospital avoidance.

ITV News broadcast times:

  • 6PM
  • 7PM
  • 10PM

Andrea will highlight the organisation’s unique approach to how Empowering U’s dedicated team takes the time to listen and engage in both casual conversations and in-depth discussions with TCP users, creating a calm environment specific to each individual.

The feature will centre around the innovative collaboration between two pioneering companies, Empowering U and Black Country Healthcare Foundation Trust. Together, we are dedicated to offering alternative solutions to help neurodiverse individuals, such as those living with autism spectrum disorder, avoid hospital admission.

Empowering U’s collaboration with the Black Country Healthcare Foundation NHS Trust has made significant strides in supporting hospital avoidance for those with learning disabilities. Rather than hospitalisation, Empowering U is dedicated to providing empathetic support and treatment through our experienced care team to ensure every individual receives the highest level of care.

Tune in to ITV News tonight to learn more about Empowering U’s transformative work and the ground-breaking initiatives led by the Black Country Trust; working together to showcase hospital admission avoidance strategies.